Gulf electric Party branch won the two advanced party organization of Chongchuan District in 2019.

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On the morning of June 30, Chongchuan economic and Technological Development Zone held the "July 1" commendation meeting and the party lecture activity of the secretary. The Gulf electric Party branch of our company was honored with two advanced new party organizations in 2019.


The Party branch of the company was established in 2018 and has 6 party members. The Secretary of the Party branch is Guan Zhong, general manager of the group enterprise management center, winner of the "May Day" Labor Medal of Jiangsu Province and the "top ten" scientific and technological innovation award of Nantong city. Other party members and comrades are also distributed in the leadership and technical front line of the company and are the backbone of the company. They are all technical experts and business backbones in various fields of the company. They have won many awards from the company, played an important role in the development of the company, and continuously enhanced the influence and cohesion of the Party branch.

The acquisition of the advanced two new party organizations fully reflects the support and recognition of the superior party committee for the work of the company's Party branch. All Party members of the company's Party branch must carry forward the fine style and practical spirit of being brave in taking on responsibilities, doing good deeds and daring to be first, earnestly remember the mission and perform their duties, and make persistent efforts to promote the development of various undertakings of the company and achieve better results.