Gulf electric received a letter of thanks from Huanggang, Hubei Province

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Recently, Jiangsu Bay Electric Technology Co., Ltd. received a thank-you letter from the headquarters of the Department of infectious disease prevention and control in Huanggang, New Coronavirus. The letter expressed heartfelt thanks to Gulf electric for its selfless help and strong support to Huanggang, Hubei Province during the epidemic!

The letter said: at the critical moment when we are struggling to fight the epidemic, you care about Huanggang and send charcoal in the snow. You donated funds and materials for epidemic prevention and control to us in time, which has effectively supported the epidemic prevention and control work of our city and greatly encouraged the confidence and determination of the people of the whole city to overcome the epidemic. The 7.5 million Huanggang people express their heartfelt thanks and high respect for your great love!


Since the outbreak, the leaders of the group have attached great importance to the implementation of epidemic prevention and control, and comprehensively carried out the prevention and control of the companies under the group. At the same time, we are concerned about Hubei, actively fulfill corporate social responsibility, organize prevention and control materials to support the front line of epidemic prevention and control in Huanggang City, and make our modest contribution to winning the war of epidemic prevention and control.

Zheng xuezhou, chairman of the group, said that it is not only the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation to support one party in difficulties, but also the social responsibility that enterprises must shoulder. We firmly believe that as long as we unite as one, we can win the battle of the epidemic as soon as possible.